"I don't know whether you notice it or not but ever since I've connected with your ministry; my ministry has accelerated and every hard place I encounter becomes rubble once you give me knowledge and direction! Thanks for your mentorship!
I will be sowing more seed for the anointing I am reaping!" ~Corey 

Prophetic direction, personal empowerment and spiritual enrichment are to be found within our gates.

Expanding and perfecting the gift and mantle of the prophet is not our only focus. 

With the eyes and ears of the Spirit; we are actively pursuing God's plan for our lives, our communities and nations. 

The diversity of services, trainings and programs on the gift of prophecy, the office of the prophet, spiritual growth, leadership and personal empowerment that we offer gives our members the edge for powerful kingdom living. Our members create lasting friendships, ministry relationships and business networking.

We take a vested interest in the [whole] life of our members and commit to cover them in prayer on a daily basis.

Our members operate with a prophetic advantage for powerful kingdom living.

​The company you keep determines the heights you reach.

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"This is now deep calling unto deep. God has used you to create
a doorway where there was none before. You were used to create an entrance
into the spirit realm that most believers can enter, yet most won't.
This will keep the entrance prepared, sacred and pure." 
~Pastor A. Carroll

Through The Prophetic Center, Our Members:
  • Receive prophetic insight and impartation.
  • Submit monthly dreams for interpretation.
  • Obtain VIP Access to our online audio library.
  • Network with like-minded believers.
  • Establish new relationships with other five-fold ministry leaders.
  • Partner with prophetic ministries.
  • Connect with Christian business owners.
  • Share resources.
  • Exchange information and ideas.
  • Create opportunities to identify and facilitate the needs of their community.
  • Grow in gifting and faith.​​
  • Covered in prayer.

"Since I started receiving your prophetic messages,
I have really been blessed and now walk in destiny."
~E. Lucky, Nigeria


Start enjoying the benefits of prophetic covering and the spiritual rewards of connecting with the mantle of our global prophetic network.

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"Thank you for the strong words
of encouragement, spiritual release
and mental deliverance.
I believe, receive and embrace

every prophetic blessing!"